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generating image from 3D View

Actually, this is more a question than a bug/request (but I couldn't post to "general", so):

Is the feature of exporting a image from the 3D view already implemented? I tried but it generated the usual 2D one.
Also, if it's already working, in which version? Debian repos currently have 0.4.5 (stable) and 0.4.6 (both in testing and unstable)

Iteration count ouptut?


I would need the iteration counts written to a file, would that be possible?

Best regards,


alternate cross sections of the Mandelbrot set


Distance estimator

For the code generator, I think that you use for color gradient a "smooth escape time fomula".
Did you ever try a distance estimator formula ? (it is twice slower, but with the same amount of iterates, it provides a better definition near M or Julia. I tried it in the past: it is quite compatible with your algorithm of variable detail level and should improve the image near the boundary, by adding anti-aliasing and resolution).

Some ideas / color gradient

Hello Michal,

Your program is very nice ! (I like the smooth zooming and nice image quality). I use Fraqtive 0.4.5
The color gradient editor is a very nice feature. Some ideas that would improve it I think.
1) Add a possibility to remove one dot (right click or drag outside)
2) Encode an RGB color for vertically aligned dots (idea:

      3) Ease the edition of very narrow color bands : nice effects (difficulty to vertically align dots to the pixel).
      4) I wonder how would be a palette edited in the HSV plane (instead of RGB). Did someone try ?
      5) Any way to pick a position on the fractal ? (to tune the palette mapping to the image)
      6) Increase the range available to mapping (useful for some deep images for M). A log scale ?
      7) Can we save and edit the palette in another tool ? (seem not text files)


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