Fraqtive is an open source, multi-platform generator of the Mandelbrot family fractals. It uses very fast algorithms for maximum performance and generates high quality anti-aliased images. It allows real-time zooming navigation within the fractal and dynamic generation of the Julia fractal preview.

  • Fast algorithms optimized for modern processors
  • Zooming, moving and rotating in real-time
  • Generating hi-resolution images and series of images
  • Color smoothing and image post-processing
  • Rendering the fractal surface in 3D mode

View the gallery of fracal videos and images created using Fraqtive.


The Windows installers can be used to install or update Fraqtive on Windows 7 or newer. Versions for Linux and MacOS are also available.

Fraqtive is free software licensed under the GNU GPL v3 license.


Fraqtive 0.4.8 released

Version 0.4.8 extends the capability of Fraqtive to generate very high quality images and series of images (animations). The new "Multi-Sampling" setting makes it possible to generate images using multiple samples per pixel (2x2, 4x4 or 8x8 samples). This greatly improves the quality of images, especially in the "noisy" areas.