Storing location/settings/color gradient in an image's EXIF?

Submitted by chuckheron on 2010-01-26

I generated a very nice wallpaper image a couple days ago, and I wanted to create another similar one but with slightly different parameters...
But, of course, I didn't create a bookmark and save my color gradient... :(

I was wondering if it would be possible to save enough information in the EXIF header of an image so that Fraqtive could read the header and restore the same view, color gradient and other settings as the image?

Maybe a 'Restore From Image' button...

Just an idea...

Once again, great program, it's the best Mandelbrot/Julia set viewer/generator that I've ever played with!
I've been telling all my friends..


Thanks :).

The idea of saving the bookmark and gradient in the image is very cool. Unfortunately Qt doesn't support EXIF so I would have to play with Exiv2 which is rather huge.