Binary packages available

Submitted by mimec on 2006-01-19

Binary packages of Fraqtive are available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X in the Downloads section. I made an RPM package for SuSE 10.0, there is also a link for Red Hat and Fedora packages available in the DAG RPM Repository.

For Windows users, there is an installer for the older, Qt-based version of Fraqtive. It includes the native Windows port of the GPL'ed Qt library. I needed to create a few patches and workarounds to make it work correctly, but at least it works. There is also a link to a Mac OS X package made by Markus Bongard.

I also invite all Fraqtive users to the new Forums. There is a place for general questions and problems with the program, and also for reporting bugs and requesting new features.