Roadmap for the future version

Submitted by mimec on 2006-12-21

Recently I've been thinking a little bit about giving Fraqtive some fresh look and feel. This morning a few cool ideas came to my mind and I wrote a little design document. I will probably change my mind a thousand times before I actually start developing anything, but to make a good start I created a short Roadmap.

The first idea is to allow opening any number of tabs instead of limiting to one 2D and one 3D tab. The second idea is to redesign the property panels, splitting the options in a more organized way and introducing presets for both location and "skin" (i.e. color gradient plus other color-related options). Improving the exporting of images and maybe even 3D meshes is also worth considering.

It basically means rewriting the entire UI completely and refactoring the fractal generator code, but that's OK because I hate the way they're written now. Besides, the application is almost dead and the upcoming release of KDE4 is a great opportunity to give it a new life.