Some ideas / color gradient

Submitted by JFP053 on 2013-06-22

Hello Michal,

Your program is very nice ! (I like the smooth zooming and nice image quality). I use Fraqtive 0.4.5
The color gradient editor is a very nice feature. Some ideas that would improve it I think.
1) Add a possibility to remove one dot (right click or drag outside)
2) Encode an RGB color for vertically aligned dots (idea:
      3) Ease the edition of very narrow color bands : nice effects (difficulty to vertically align dots to the pixel).
      4) I wonder how would be a palette edited in the HSV plane (instead of RGB). Did someone try ?
      5) Any way to pick a position on the fractal ? (to tune the palette mapping to the image)
      6) Increase the range available to mapping (useful for some deep images for M). A log scale ?
      7) Can we save and edit the palette in another tool ? (seem not text files)


The gradient editor could be improved in many ways, but I wanted it to be as simple as possible. You can remove a point by dragging it oustide a small distance. To increase precision, you can make the window larger and use the tooltip as a hint. Previous versions of Fraqtive had HSV gradients, but I removed them for simplicity.