How can I get the most of this in real-time

Submitted by Greg Abruzzo on 2016-03-06


First of all my compliments on a really excellent piece of software.

This thing does all sorts of cool stuff... and does it well to boot!

So here's my question:, how can I get this to perform as well as possible from lack of a better term a real time perspective. What I'm trying to find out is what I can do from a hardware, and possibly software perspective on my end to make this prog render to the best of its ability in real time. (I'm running Win10 64 bit if that helps) What counts here is what I see on my display how quickly it appears there, and (possibly) how to best push this to a larger display at the same time. Captured images or series thereof is not important.

I'd love to know how to proceed...

Thank you all so much,

Greg Abruzzo

The main factor is the CPU - the faster it is and the more cores it has, the faster the calculations.