Fraqtive let even a newbie generate something cool - thanks

Submitted by mjeb on 2015-02-05

Hi Michal and everyone else.

Last Friday, my band finished doing an 'experimental' mix of a song called 'Everywhere feels like home' and I had the idea to do some visualisation to go with it.

the idea of repeating shapes and fractals really appealed as it sort of related to the idea of the song and Fraqtive made it possible for me to churn out a videoclip in 2 days.

This isn't the most advanced fractal ever and I didn't have the patience to render my full desired 8400 frames (1 frame every 12 secs, yikes) but the fact that I could go from 'hey this might be fun' to a completed project so darn quick is awesome and I wanted to share it and say thanks.


BTW if anyone else wants to have a go, let me know via our website or youtube and I'll send you an audio file :-)

Wow, that's really impressive. Thanks for sharing!